Kitting + Fulfillment

Expect professional handling.

We’ll print, kit, and distribute your marketing materials so you can rest knowing everything’s consistent and on schedule. We’ve got kitting and brand management experience on both a regional and national level—and we’re poised to take it all on.


  • Real-Time Receiving, Picking and Locating
  • Real-Time Payment Processing
  • Customized Inventory Control Programs

Kitting & Pick Pack

  • Multi Version Large and Small Format Kitting
  • Customized Pick Pack Programs
  • Specialized and Branded Cartoning


  • 92.5% of US Population within 3-Day Ground Transit
  • Domestic and International Parcel and LTL Shipments
  • Coordinated Roll-Outs with Day Point Sequencing

FedEx Ground Service Map from area code 79424 as of March 2015